werdust EP
Released june 1th 2017
WeRDust release a brand new EP. You can order it now on Download. Vinyl limited edition release 31th august.


New Video Clip ‚Hold On‘
Watch the new Video Clip of ‚Hold On‘ by Paddy Rubin and Dario Grasso.



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6 months ago

«Hold On» Live @ TalhofFestival 2017. Thanks Adam Amadeus Netter for the Video & TalhofFestival

WeRDust «Hold On» - Live - @ Talhoffestival 2017 Album Out Now! digitally available Worldwide! Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon,.. Find WeRDust...

6 months ago


SHARE -> your favorite WeRDust song from spotify or our musicvideo “Hold On” from Youtube and TAG us!!(@werdust)

WIN -> our EP “Vinyl”

Good Luck!!

6 months ago

Werdust wurde Ende 2016 gegründet und im Rekordtempo veröffentlichten die vier Musiker bereits im darauffolgendem Jahr ihre erste EP. Ihre Musik ist manchmal verspielt, aber immer mit klarer ... See more

7 months ago

We had a great night!! thanks everyone!!
special thanks to Talhoffestival!

7 months ago

Great Night! Many many Thx to TalhofFestival and to all the people who supported us! See you soon!!!

What a Show!!
Werdust rocken gewaltig🎸🔥

7 months ago

Heaving fun 🙂 wanna join us 😉

7 months ago

heute 21 Uhr live

7 months ago

Ready to Rock!! TalhofFestival
See you there!!

7 months ago

Are you ready? -3
See you there!!

7 months ago

Don't miss it!!
See you there!

WeRDust's video for «Hold On» Album Out Now! digitally available Worldwide! Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify.. Created by Vitronic AG and WeRDu...

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02 Jun 2018 St. Gallen

24 Mar 2018 Konstanz
18 Oct 2017 St. Gallen, CH Talhof Talhof

We R Dust

Abele Vocals / Guitar / Producer

Cristiano Drums

Carlo Bass

Dani Guitar


For booking or any other information, feel free to get in touch!